Finding Beauty: Become a Better You Through Plastic Surgery - Book Cover

Finding Beauty

Think, See, And Feel Beautiful

Cosmetic plastic surgery cannot change who you are on the inside. It can, however, allow you to see yourself in a different light, and that can change how you interact with the world around you. Cosmetic surgery, though still a somewhat taboo subject in our culture, has the ability like almost nothing else to change a person’s self-perception and self-confidence.

Dr. Dennis Schimpf’s new book, Finding Beauty: Become a Better You Through Plastic Surgery, is about how cosmetic surgery bridges the gap between the outer beauty someone sees and the inner beauty someone feels. This book explores the practical, emotional, and physical aspects of choosing to undergo cosmetic surgery.

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Finding The New You

Think, See, and Feel Beautiful

How do you define beauty? Do you consider yourself beautiful? Do others consider you beautiful? The most important aspect of beauty lies within—who you are on the inside. Yet, changing how you look on the outside can also make a big difference in your life: it can positively impact your confidence, change how people see you, and ultimately allow you to carry yourself vibrantly.

Dennis Schimpf, MD, FACS, wrote Finding the New You: Think, See, and Feel Beautiful to help people understand everything they need to know about plastic surgery, including:

  • the different plastic surgery procedures available to patients,
  • how to spot myths and misconceptions about plastic surgery,
  • how culture influences plastic surgery decisions, and
  • the importance behind plastic surgery and its role in medicine.

Plastic surgery is an art and a process, and the more people understand about the discipline, the more equipped they will be to handle expectations and limitations. In this update to his first book, Finding Beauty, Dennis Schimpf continues to battle the stigmas and misunderstandings behind plastic surgery to help you realize that, no matter the extent of the procedure, beauty starts with who you are on the inside.

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Finding The New Youy - Book Cover

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Practical advice from an expert in plastic surgery

Dr. Dennis Schimpf runs a successful cosmetic plastic surgery practice in Charleston, South Carolina, and in Finding Beauty he shares practical advice gained from years of experience on important topics such as:

  • What makes a good candidate for plastic surgery
  • The importance of realistic expectations
  • How to choose a plastic surgeon and develop a good rapport
  • The role of spouses, family, and friends before and after the procedure
  • What predicts good outcomes
  • The truth about surgery, recovery, and scarring
  • Factors that affect speed and success of recovery and scarring
  • The risks of cosmetic procedures

Plastic surgery can be intimidating, and there’s a lot of misinformation out there. Dr. Schimpf wrote Finding Beauty to dispell the myths and misunderstandings about cosmetic plastic surgery and to give people considering cosmetic surgery, and their friends and family who support them, the information they need to make smart decisions.

A deep look at the emotional component of cosmetic surgery

What makes someone a good candidate for plastic surgery? It may surprise you, but it’s not all about physical health; it’s largely about mental and emotional health, too.

In Finding Beauty, Dr. Schimpf discusses the emotional aspects of plastic surgery, including patients’ motivations, their expectations, and how important a strong self-image is to satisfaction after the procedure.

The truth is, plastic surgery can change your physical appearance, but it can’t change whether you value yourself on the inside. It can’t change how other people feel about you. It can’t fix a failing marriage or make someone fall in love with you. A physical procedure is never the answer to emotional issues. To avoid undergoing a procedure that won’t ultimately be satisfying, it’s important to examine motivations and expectations first.

The confidence to make
the right choice for you

Though plastic surgery is not a magical cure for unhappiness, it can be a powerful answer for many men and women who feel held back by what they see as a physical imperfection. As long as a patient’s expectations are in line with reality, and he or she understand the limitations of cosmetic surgery, then it can be truly life-changing.

Dr. Schimpf knows that sometimes people feel “selfish” for considering cosmetic plastic surgery. Isn’t it shallow? Aren’t there more important things to worry about? These are common questions, and yet they diminish the value of positive self-image and self-confidence and how important those things are to a fulfilling life. People who undergo cosmetic plastic surgery for the right reasons often find themselves happier and more productive once the procedure is over, whether it’s a tummy tuck, a “mommy makeover,” or a simple Botox injection. In Finding Beauty, Dr. Schimpf delves into this issue of whether it’s selfish or selfless to choose to do something for yourself.

Ultimately, Finding Beauty is about helping people take a clear look at their motivations and expectations to discover for themselves whether they are a good candidate for plastic surgery or not. For those who aren’t, they’ll have a new insight into what they’re really after. For those who are, Finding Beauty will give them the practical knowledge and inner confidence to make smart decisions regarding plastic surgery.