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Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Expert, Author, Speaker

Dr. Dennis Schimpf is a cosmetic plastic surgery expert, author, and speaker. Dr. Schimpf has been certified in both Surgery and Cosmetic Plastic Surgery. He is in private practice in Charleston, South Carolina, where he helps everyday people find their beauty through cosmetic plastic surgery.

It’s not just about physical beauty, but about inner beauty – the kind that you can’t see but you can feel. Cosmetic plastic surgery done for the right reason can have a profoundly positive effect in a person’s life.


Finding Beauty: Become A Better You Through Plastic Surgery - Book Cover

Finding Beauty

Become a better you through plastic surgery

Dr. Schimpf is the author of Finding Beauty: Become a Better You Through Plastic Surgery. In this straightforward and empowering book, Dr. Schimpf shares his advice and philosophy with women and men considering cosmetic surgery.

More than a simple practical guide to cosmetic surgery, Finding Beauty is a thoughtful look at how cosmetic surgery can bring out a person’s inner beauty and confidence.

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