How confident are you in your own skin?

As a cosmetic surgeon I’m faced with a vast array of individuals on a daily basis – each seeking to achieve a different outcome, result, or feeling. Ultimately, what patients are looking for is beauty. Whether it is inner or outer beauty, or beauty perceived by someone else, most patients are pursuing some form of self-improvement to achieve that beauty.

When it comes to beauty, most people know it when they encounter it. But, ultimately, you can’t just think it or see it. It has to be felt – which stems from a certain sense of confidence. In my experience, the definition of beauty changes over time. For instance, what twenty-year-olds think is beautiful will undoubtedly change when they become a parent and see their newborn for the first time. And the parent’s definition of beauty will change as the child grows and experiences life. However, what doesn’t change is the fact that inner beauty and confidence will always make someone or something more beautiful.

Helping patients recognize this by either embracing their existing confidence or getting to the root of what is shaking that confidence is what ultimately helps them be satisfied with their appearance. So, how confident are you in your own skin? How satisfied are you with who you are?

Through the course of this assessment, choose the answers that most closely match your situation and feelings. Based on your answers, get a better sense of how to move forward with helping yourself be the most beautiful individual you can be – both inside and out.

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